Update to Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies and Motherhood

I have an exciting update to my last post, but I have to give a little back-story first. A couple of weeks ago I hatched a plan to dedicate a post to my mom on Mother’s Day in lieu of a card this year. About a week before Mother’s Day, I saw that America’s Test Kitchen was holding a contest to make their “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies,” and blog about the experience. Moms and chocolate chip cookies go hand in hand. The two are so intertwined in my mind it was clear that I should combine the two projects. I made the cookies (once for the post, twice just because they were awesome), wrote my post, and sent it to my mom and ATK on Mother’s Day.

On Thursday, May 12, I received a call from someone (a real person!) at ATK telling me I was a finalist! I don’t know which is more exciting, being a finalist, or someone from America’s Test Kitchen calling me personally. I won a year’s subscription to the Cook’s Illustrated website (which will extend my current one, yay!), and for the ultimate cherry on top, arrangements are being made for the contestants to tour The Test Kitchen! **swoon**

You can check out the results (and links to the other great submissions) here at: America’s Test Kitchen’s blog.

And so, in July, yours truly will be an honored (and by this I mean the honor is all mine) guest touring behind the scenes of the Emmy award winning show on PBS, home of the esteemed editors of Cook’s Illustrated, and producer of my favorite sit-and-read-for-hours-before-jumping-up-from-my-cozy-chair-and-heading-to-the-kitchen-for-my-latest-cooking-adventure cookbooks. I am Ecstatic, pleased as punch, and all that jazz. I cannot wait to share the adventure with you come July!

In the meantime, I may have to make those cookies a few more times…coughs discreetly…just to confirm the results of course.

Here’s the recipe again-just in case you want to, you know, confirm my results: Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies



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6 responses to “Update to Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies and Motherhood

  1. i thought it was super-sweet of them to arrange the kitchen tour for all the bloggers. hope i can make it, will be a real treat!

    • I’m planning to fly out there. Little crazy for a 30 min tour, but I have family in Boston that I’m hoping will be around so I can see them at the same time. Let me know if you go, maybe we can go on the same tour and meet up! That way we could claim to know someone (at least a little 🙂

  2. Congratulations to you on the win. You must be so excited, and I hope that you have a great time at ATK!!!

    • Thank you Cristina, I’m still surprised with all the great entries they received. I am quite honored! Looks like you just started your blog, can’t wait to see future posts! Baking is my first love 🙂

  3. felizheidi

    Congratulations Kitchen Tangents! Glad to see this blog getting the recognition it deserves! I love how Cook’s commented on the posts of the finalists as well as the winner. Personally, I liked this cookie post better than the winner’s, but maybe I’m just biased 😉 Can’t wait to read your blog post after your trip to Bean Town 🙂

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