The Rauch House

Last week, I was a very lucky girl. I was invited to go on a private tour of America’s Test Kitchen, (details coming soon!) and was thrilled to be able to accept the invitation and stay five glorious days with my favorite Bostonians, my husband’s aunt and uncle.

Boston, in all its historical glory, is also quite the destination for good food. It’s known for fresh seafood, and of course, Boston Cream Pie, (not that the locals ever eat it) but some lesser known treasures were discovered as well that I hope to share soon. There is so much I want to share from this trip in fact, I think it’s going to have to be a series. For this first installment, I want to begin by saying thank you to my hosts.

This poem is shared with much love and gratitude to Doug & Mikele. Their house is something special-because it is filled with them.

The Rauch House

these walls are good

they do not slow

true colors flow

cicadas bloom

and fingers fly
be it bows or strings

piano’d keys
or drums and hearts that sing

where ALL living
are cherished

and being a metaphor
never goes unnoticed

and let’s not forget
(how could you? you can’t)

the food!

honest to goodness
(whatever that means)

served with simple grace
and gratitude

a place where seven layered wine
and words BIG, small, and fine
are known to reach their sacred destinations



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2 responses to “The Rauch House

  1. Ah I love this – you can see warmth and beauty and happiness in every photo 🙂

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