Farmer’s Market Chronicles – Impressionist Fall

I’ve been feeling a bit bled and blurred as of late.

Today was the first day of fall, with a high of 97 degrees. Summer is going to have to drag me out with it, kicking and screaming. I bought six pounds of tomatoes at the farmer’s market. Fresh pasta/pizza sauce will soon be in my freezer at the ready for a cold day basil pick-me-up.

On the way to the market, I took a photo of one of my favorite trees. See how it’s almost on its tippy toes leaning back to catch a few rays? That’s me in two months.

I deliberately ignored the pumpkins. Peaches still rule, though not for much longer.

I sat in the thinning grass. Cesar Chavez ignored me.

A red balloon in the branches overhead caught my eye.

I thought of Monet.



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17 responses to “Farmer’s Market Chronicles – Impressionist Fall

  1. Heidi Timmons

    I like the leaning tree 🙂 It’s always summer when you live in California 🙂

  2. Brandon

    Heidi, these pictures are marvelous! I particularly like the one of the peaches in the sunshine.

  3. Nice pictures! And I liked the idea of buying some of the last tomatoes of the season for pizza/pasta sauce that will help you through the winter!

  4. I like the peaches… but I like this even more “I sat in the thinning grass. Cesar Chavez ignored me.” –haha… nice!

  5. Pseu

    Lovely! I feel wordpress is a little too early for the theme of ‘fall’ as in Autumn – only a few trees have started turning here.

  6. Love the peaches and the commentary. Nice bit of impressionism too 🙂

  7. Love these photos – especially the last one.

  8. I love the peaches. It’s the season of abundance before the cold shuts everything down until spring.

  9. love how you ended on a funny, er impressionist note.
    a great post. thank you for sharing!
    summer in my neck of the woods was rather sparse this year, and if that wonderful tree of yours was in my back yard, it would have been standing on its tiptoes in much the same way in search of some sunshine.
    all the same, it is a wonderful tree and i am happy to meet it.
    enjoy all the summer that’s still at your end – and enjoy it for me, too 🙂

  10. That tree is really cool! i am craving pumpkin myself.

  11. Oh I thought of Monet too! The second to last shot is divine!

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