My Top 10 Fall Favorites in Northern California

For anyone who has ever lived on the East coast, fall in California may not seem like much of a fall. Spectacular fireworks displays put on by changing leaves are few and far between. Fall in Sacramento could be seen as just a season of morning debates, “What should I wear today? Is it going to be 90 degrees, or 50?”  Layers by the way, it’s all about layers.

However, there are some really great things about fall in California. I decided to make myself a list as a cheery reminder:

1)   Fall produce (of course)

2)   Rain’s novelty has been restored (however briefly)

3)   Steaming up the kitchen with great, bubbling pots of beans between summer salads

4) Folding warm laundry on cold mornings

5) Trips to Apple Hill!

6)   California’s extended growing season

7)   Visiting the pumpkin patch

8)   The plethora of apple and pumpkin treats

9)   Taking leaf walks – searching for different leaves around our neighborhood to do leaf rubbings

10)  Change. It’s not always easy, but it can be beautiful.



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3 responses to “My Top 10 Fall Favorites in Northern California

  1. Brandon

    Photos #8 looks like delicious hope!

  2. I love it Excellent entry 🙂

  3. Amar Naik

    nice collection

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