What I do on this site
I love to write, cook, mess with genres, and take pictures of small things close up. There will be poems, literary references, and a little science for good measure.

I specialize in (mostly healthy) whole foods, lots of veggies please, butter not margarine, meals from scratch, not a box for living breathing busy cooks and picky eaters too. If you have any cooking or other philosophical questions, need some menu planning inspiration or party ideas (themes, oh yeah) please e-mail me at: kitchentangents@gmail.com

Praise for kitchentangents
As the perfect excuse to make chocolate chip cookies and write out on a limb, I entered America’s Test Kitchen’s “Boston Blogger Cookie Challenge” in May, 2011. My Blog Post: Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies and Motherhood was one of three finalists.

Judges’ comment:

  • “What struck me about this post was about the connection between baking, learning, and connecting with family. The focus wasn’t on the step-by-step follow-through of the recipe, but rather on the philosophical narrative about the small, sweet bits of memory that linger in the kitchen, from one generation to the next.”

Check out the results here:

As the cherry on top, my fellow bloggers and I were invited to take a private tour of America’s Tesk Kitchen in July. Check out my rhapsodizing tour recap here.

What’s up with all the tangents?
I once drew a picture of what I imagined my thoughts would look like if they were lines instead of words and images. A tree with many branches; I start with one solid idea and follow along until it branches off into something new. This is how I work and play in the kitchen. (and everywhere else for that matter)

I post
forgive me, a little sporadically. My goal is to post once a week. This seems quite reasonable to me, but my goal is also to provide an original recipe with photographs and a story to go with it. Often life intervenes, quite rightly at times, and messes with my self-imposed deadlines. For every post I manage to publish, I usually have two more waiting in the wings like lowly, dejected understudies.

The photographs
are mine, and yes, I’m quite the amateur. My little Canon point and shoot is brilliant all on it’s own. I took a black and white photography class in the 7th grade, and never could figure out why my pictures came out blurry when I focused them so carefully. Turns out I needed glasses. Eventually I will get over the heartbreak of C+ photos and find a way to trust my corrected vision, but until then, point and shoot will have to do.

Note-If I ever do borrow an image I will most definitely cite the source.

Ant in Bloom

The recipes
are mine unless otherwise specified, and mostly original-if my recipe is adapted from another recipe, I give credit where credit is due.

Here’s how it usually goes down:

1) I wake up at an ungodly hour dreaming of some supposedly brilliant new food combination-like fennel, walnut and bleu cheese pesto. I’m then compelled to get up and write down the idea just so it will quit nagging at me. This is considered “normal” behavior, right?

2) As soon as I get the chance I do a test run, writing down measurements as I go (hopefully on a piece of paper that I can find again.)

3) I use my family as guinea pigs, which I believe have pretty high standards as guinea pigs go. Between my foodie husband, my neophobic eight year old, and my fairly adventurous, but willful three year old, I feel pretty confident that if they approve, you will too. That being said, I would absolutely love your feedback. Please, please share if one of my recipes doesn’t turn out as expected, if it did, or any changes you made!

4) If the dry run turns out well, and there are no out and out riots at the table, I will make it a second time following exactly my prescribed measurements (snapping pictures along the way.)

5) If the recipe turns out the second time and is still well received, (my husband’s highest compliment is, “You can make this anytime!”) I will write it up and share the post.

Even though recipes are not copyright protected, I still feel a little weird about copying down someone else’s recipe word for word and sharing it without permission. I know, I know, you can credit the source and they can’t really complain about it, but still. Recipes are not always just a dry set of instructions. There is an art to it no matter what the patent people say, and I respect that.

 Are you a professionally trained chef?
I received my ServSafe food safety certification in May, 2011, but otherwise my cooking experience has all been garnered from extensive reading and experimenting.

¡Bienvenidos!  Welcome!


2 responses to “About

  1. Crystal Benton

    Wow, Beth! I just found, okay, bothered to check out your blog. It’s really cool and totally the Beth I know 😉 Congrats on all your endeavors. It’s too bad we don’t live closer, I haven’t baked homemade chocolate chip cookies in forever.

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