The act of reading is not that different from eating. I consume books. Have you ever read the poem, “Eating Poetry?” Some writing is so vivid you can taste it. I ate Richard Rodriguez’s Days of Obligation; An Argument with My Mexican Father, in the midst of finals week just because it was so rich, so satisfying, I couldn’t put it down.

Some of my posts are more about the writing than food, even if it is writing about food. And sometimes, they aren’t so much about food at all.

Food Memories

The Rauch House

Frenching Toast 

Early Garden Poem

Impressionist Fall

Interview with Middle Grade Author Dawn Lairamore

Ode to Kale

April’s Promise

What  book, poem, or author’s writing do you like to eat for dinner? For dessert? Admit it, even bubble gum is fun to chew.


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